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In addition to the regional plans made in the city centers, the necessity of a transportation plan is an inevitable reality.

One of the most important needs of all cities is undoubtedly traffic and public transportation. Increasing mobility with population and vehicle ownership in cities creates new traffic attraction centers; restricted road network and road standards cause significant bottlenecks in traffic. In line with the principle of correct and economical use of resources, the solution of traffic problems is the most important goal of administrative bodies. One of the most important duties of local governments is the establishment of a basic, fast, safe, comfortable and economical public transportation system. Ensuring integration between transportation systems, planning of the line, vehicle, journey and time, as well as preparation of the optimization projects are necessary to establish a sustainable, accessible, modern public transportation system. In many cities, the bulky transportation infrastructure inherited from the past periods constantly creates problems and does not respond to today's needs. Problems arising from the type and number of vehicles, routes, time, administrative structure and satisfaction should be resolved with priority. PALYE favours the establishment of a system in which the transformation is initiated by protecting the legal rights of public transport tradespeople and providing the best service to the public. PALYE works to solve the traffic and public transportation problems, which are among the most important problems of the cities, in accordance with the transportation engineering criteria. Having very important institutions and individuals in its reference network, PALYE enjoys working as a project workshop of our municipalities with its knowledgeable and experienced staff.






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